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Products descriptions.

People say time is money…is it? Yes and no! Time is not only money, it is our life! AI can assist you to save your precious time and allows you to use your time in a better way.

Why us?

Why Use Typer Tool?
Save time.

In digital marketing both quality and quantity are very important. It takes time to produce quality content. And time is very limited and precious for all of us. This is where Typer Tool comes in. With this tool you will be able to create amazing content for your eCommerce products, blog, social media, as well as short and long form content for your website. And all this within a very short amount of time and very affordably

What Can We Do for You?

Our Features

We create, so that you can save your time.

Blog Writing

Write a blog in lightning speed. Create high quality SEO optimised blog posts fast by using our artificial intelligence tool.

Product Descriptions

Write detailed product descriptions rapidly. Create excellent descriptions with ease by using our AI tool.

Social Media Posts

Use our AI-powered writing tool to generate social media posts and other content extremely fast and efficiently.


Create emails and other content extremely fast and efficiently with our AI-powered writing software.

Website Copy

Write website content extremely fast and very efficiently by using our AI-powered writing tool.

General Business

Use our AI-powered writing tool to write general business related texts quickly and effectively.

Digital Ad Copy

Generate high quality and engaging digital ads for various platforms by using our artificial intelligence writing tool.

Sales Copy

Persuade customers and generate more sales by writing sales copy very fast and efficiently using our AI writing software.


Get your video scripts and other video content done in a fraction of the time by using our AI-based writing tool.


Improve your writing by using various literary devices and techniques. Our AI writing tool helps you to do this extremely fast.


Use our AI-powered writing tool to generate freestyle text and written content at a very high speed and effectively.

Brainstorming Tools

Brainstorm new ideas for your business, e.g. business name, next product or growth strategies by using our AI writing tool.


Write personal texts, such as love letters, dating profiles, or bios for social media platforms using our AI writing tool.


Write texts suitable for various occasions such as weddings and birthdays using our artificial intelligence writing tool.


Use our AI writing tool to write creative content such as song lyrics and short stories or simply to overcome writer’s block.

Spend your money in a better way


Choose the plan according to your needs. Monthly packages or Pay-as-You-Go.

Pay as you go


Get our monthly package to ensure that you never miss a beat!

54,535 token in


You can think of tokens as pieces of words, where 1,000 tokens is about 750 words.

Tool specialised for:

  • Blog post writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media posts


  • Choose the tone of writing
  • Folder management
  • Advanced editor
  • Multiple templates
  • Favourite content
  • SEO keywords
  • Custom length

Ready to create great content?

We create, so that you can save your time.

Looking for answers?


Our FAQ section has everything you need to know.

Yes, you certainly can! Typer Tool is created by a company called Getshop Today (GT). GT is a UK-based eCommerce platform. For this reason, we have put an extra focus on creating amazing product description functionality.

The cost can be 30p to £1 – this will depend on how you are using the tool.

Yes, there are! We have extensive video tutorials (link to video tutorials page) available on our website. We also provide face-to-face training in our London office.

We offer Pay-as-You-Go as well as monthly payment options. Choose according to your needs.

Our Latest News

Our Latest News.

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